Providing acces to digital learning to primary and secondary school students.

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Digital Inclusion

Despite Belgium being one of the wealthiest countries 1 child out of 6 lives in poverty.

Poverty impacts health, social exclusion and education heavily. Teachers report the increasing gap for students to have adequate access to an electronic device at home for learning purposes. The COVID pandemic has accelerated the importance of online learning, increasing the digital gap even more.
Those who cannot access the online courses risk being left behind.

We at Weerts we hope that we can make a small difference in the massive move to hybrid and blended learning through our WPC initiative.

The Purpose

Weerts Personal Computers for Education (WPC) is a non-profit organization created to make as many functional laptops as possible available to children mainly between 10 en 14 years of age who do not own one because they live in a more vulnerable family. We aim for digital inclusion for all.

Digital Inclusion is about ensuring that the benefits of digital technologies are available to everyone so young people get motivation and confidence to build their future.

To help young people building their future we organize ourselves to engage for more than providing the laptop. We also provide internet access through our Partner Proximus.
New to that WPC collaborates with non-profit organizations delivering quality education. And WPC recently also started to work directly with mayors that direct us to school principals for further collaboration around digital inclusion within their educational system. WPC is open for further ideas and collaboration to use digital technology to promote inclusivity.

The Promise

The project is set up in the philosophy of the 1% Pledge who invites all entrepreneurs to integrate philanthropy into their business. We are committed to work towards fulfilling our pledge, and as we grow, giving back more to the local and global community we are part of.

For 2021, we have secured more than 800 laptops for this purpose, and our ambition is to have the program grow proportionally with the growth of our business.

Donating equity, time, and product fits with our goal and pursuance of being a socially responsible company.


The laptops made available will come both from (1) responsible reconditioning and recirculation of used laptops from the pool of laptops of all entities of Weerts Group and donating third parties, and (2) new laptops purchased thanks to financial contributions.

The laptops will be ready for use and equipped with essential software and antivirus.


In addition, our partner Proximus offer free Wifi for children who do not have access to internet at home.


A modern laptop bag made of textile.


Use of the laptop in a loan agreement; however, the children who fully comply with the terms of the loan agreement (essentially those who take good care of the laptop), can keep the laptop at the end of the loan term.


The laptops are distributed through the intermediation of educational institutions who identify eligible recipients.The handover happens in a private and confidential setting.


WPC chooses for a personal approach, meaning all laptops will be first handed over by Alexia Weerts.

The holiday season was somewhat anticipated for 226 schoolchildren in Leuven. Indeed, 12 schools of the entity belonging to the free and official networks volunteered to accompany their 5th grade students in a very particular learning: the efficient use of a laptop. In order to do this, the children obviously needed to have the tool to tame and this has been the case since this morning when 226 laptops were distributed.

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TALim is part of the ‘Sint-Vincentius Limburg' foundation. TALim works with vulnerable teenagers who need a little extra help to find and develop their talents, courses are organized on Saturday by volunteers out of the industry. WPC provides laptop for the children that follow the courses on Saturday organized by Talim.

More than ever, having a computer at home has become essential for any child in school.

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Meet Alexia

The project is implemented by Alexia Weerts. She will personally get in touch with the families and partners, she will follow and steer closely this project. The aim is to provide a means of access to education outside the school grounds.



WPC is created by Weerts Group in collaboration with the Belgian King Baudouin Foundation. Weerts intend to leverage the project by entering into structural partnerships with PC suppliers and by offering 3rd parties the opportunity to participate through a variety of formulas such as donating laptops or donating money, volunteer for IT training and so on.

Where we are

The group has been active in the Liège region since 1960s and wants to take its social responsibility with the creation of the project by giving back to the regions we have worked with at first and then spread further over the country.

Our partners

Facts about our initiatives

Happy people

Weerts aims to create Happy Profit. This starts with Happy People. Initiatives have been taken to create an attractive working environment. One of the returns was winning the 2020 Logistics Employer of the Year 2020 Award.


Weerts Group commits to further contribute to its stakeholders and to society by creating employment and economic activity.

Sustainable building

Apart from multiple initiatives to improve the quality of the working environment at Weerts Group, we also pay particular attention to sustainable building standards in the multiple construction projects we are engaged in. In this respect, we are defining a BREEAM strategy for the whole of our portfolio.

Solar panels

Weerts Group currently has an installed base of solar panels with an estimated annual production of more than 11,000 MWh, with a goal to reach 50,000 MWh by 2023, saving approx. 5,000,000 kilograms of CO2

About Weerts Group

Weerts Group is a family-owned group, headquartered in Liège, Belgium, active in 4 key complementary sectors: Real Estate, Logistics, Motorsport and Renewable Energy. For more information, see

Weerts Supply Chain


The Logistics division is the legacy business of what used to be the integrated transport and logistics player, Transports Weerts & Fils. It currently operates an aggregate of ca. 300,000 sqm and employs more than 600 FTEs across 7 different sites. It serves +140 clients in four main sectors: food, household and electronics, automotive and pharmaceuticals.

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Weerts Real Estate

real estate

The Real Estate division is Weerts Group’s platform for pan-European real estate developments and investments in the Logistics, Semi-Industrial, Office and Residential sectors.

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W-Racing Team


motorsport Team WRT is a professional autosport racing team, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Baudour, Belgium. By end 2021 WRT proudly won 49 titles. In 2021 Team WRT runs race programs in FIA WEC, European Le Mans Series, GT World Challenge Europe, ADAC GT Masters and Intercontinental GT Challenge.

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